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News and Reviews - Archive of July, 2012

New VQA wine: 2011 White House Wine Vidal Moscato

Friday, July 13, 2012

We have a new wine coming this weekend from the folks at Henry of Pelham and Speck Bros: the 2011 White House Wine Vidal Moscato.

Tasting Note:
Pale yellow with green hues; floral, peach, pear and honey aromas; off-dry; sweet fruit flavours with lime and spice note to finish

Serving Suggestion
Serve with Pad Thai or slightly spicy foods

According to our rep:

It’s perfect with wings, thai food, salads, fish etc. Or you could crush a bottle of this on the patio on a hot summer day (we’ve got lots of those).


New wine: Trumpour's Mill Pinot Noir VQA

Monday, July 09, 2012

We have a new Pinot noir in stock from Trumpour's Mill, for your sipping pleasure. It's a nice VQA from the LCBO.

The folks at Wine Current offer the following taste notes:

Garnet hued, this offers classic aromas of beetroot, red cherry, cranberry and smoky vegetal, herbal notes. Dry, light bodied and taut, the aromas replay on the palate riding a wave of vigorous acidity. Hints of roasted peppers and garden herbs persist on the dry finish. Decant prior to serving with herb-roasted lamb. (Susan Desjardins)

We tried it and liked it—and that's why it's on our shelf now!

Remembering Canada's history of rebellion

Monday, July 09, 2012

If, for some reason, the news has passed you by, 2012 is bicentennial of the War of 1812. And while we don't have a Twitter account (who has the time?—actually we do!), we've had some fine Rebulars™ inform us of some interesting Thwippers who have been reliving the war:

From @1812now: "Events as they happen two hundred years ago today."

And from the preeminent Steve Paikin:

Be that as it may, the fine folks over at the Mackenzie House also remind us of Rebellion of 1837:

'Tis the season for (of) rebellion—because 175 years is nothing to sneeze at! So come on in, show us your Tweets, and join us in the celebration.