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The Bar Towel Review

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Without question, one of Toronto's finest good beer establishments. The Rebel House is a true Ontario pub, serving a large selection of Ontario craft microbrews on tap. They include familiar Brick and Lakes of Muskoka for the non-adventurous, along with Trafalgar, Kawartha Lakes, Wellington, Niagara Falls and Neustadt Springs for those looking for something with a little more flavour.

The Rebel House also has outstanding food, featuring many Canadian-themed dishes. My personal favourite: the big-enough-for-a-meal poutine. There is hardly a finer Canadian experience than a tasty dish of poutine and a fine ale.

Be warned, however, the Rebel House is not a large pub, and seating can often be difficult on a weekend night. The pub is very narrow, and has two floors, with a bar and table seating on each level. However, they do have an outstanding back patio when our weather co-operates.

Highly recommended. [original]