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Help save Montgomery’s Tavern

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Toronto Crown corporation is looking to sell the post office that sits on the historical land that once held Montgomery's Tavern—where the Rebellion of 1837 began in December of that year.

As Globe and Mail columist Jane Switzer explains:

Although the location was designated a National Historic Site in 1925 (protecting a five-metre radius around the flagstaff and a commemorative plaque on its base), the building has few safeguards under the law. The post office is listed as historic by the City of Toronto, but because federally owned buildings are excluded from the Ontario Heritage Act, it has no protective designation. [full article]

If you live in the Eglinton-Lawrence area and support the effort to save Post Station K, make sure that you contact Local MPP Mike Colle, who is heading a petition to save the site from being sold. (For the record, he's also written a letter to the Provincial Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, the person responsible for policy related to Canada Post.)

Afterward, come in to the Rebel, buy a pint, and lament with us the sorry state of contemporary provincial governance with us!