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New York Times?!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Better late than never**
Monica Webb kindly mentioned the fact that we were mentioned in the New York Times.

ONCE upon a time, not all that long ago, there existed a magical country that was a lot like the United States, only less expensive. Its enchanted currency — the other dollar — allowed Americans to indulge as they could not back home. This delightful fantasyland was called Canada, and for centuries it was synonymous with frugality... ...Not far from the Rosedale stop was my destination: Rebel House, a pub that, according to, had affordable, above-average pub food.

I sat at the bar, drank a rich, bitter Neustadt 10w30 Brown Ale, devoured my mushroom-rich meatloaf (27 dollars with tax and tip) and listened to my 20-something neighbors discuss the ice-hockey game on TV. After evaluating the physique of Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ star, one woman declared, “I’m going back to Pilates!”

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